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This guide will show how to complete the fifth bounty mission “Dr. Giblets Bounty” of the game High On Life, released on 13 December 2022.

Search Blim City for a lead

Accept the Bounty: Dr. Giblets from the machine and exit the room.

Talk to Blim Residents & Conduct Full Investigation

To find Dr. Giblets location you have to talk to different Blim residents for the clue. Interact with multiple residents in the area until you find a guy (named Michael Taint) that tells you to talk to Blorto. We found this guy near the shop. 

Talk to Blorto

Speak with Blorto who is the shopkeeper.

Head to the Slums

Head left from the shop and start following the waypoint to enter the slums.

Kill the Torg Gang and Zip down. 

Go to High on Life

Continue to follow the waypoint until you reach the river.

Investigate High on Life

Inside the shop, talk to all of the employees wearing blue t-shirts. and finally, talk to the manager in the black shirt.

Return Home

Exit the shop after speaking with two guys at the door and pick up the boots of the dead man.

Use the boots to walk on magnetic walls near the shop and head towards the back of the shop.

Once you meet some G3 enemies, hover over to the other side building with magnetic walls.

Continue to walk on the magnetic walls and at the end zip to the next magnetic wall.

Jump on the floating platform and continue to follow the waypoint until you reach a portal.

Talk to Suits

At home, talk to two guys in a suit.

Talk to Clugg

Enter the portal again and speak with Clugg. Collect the map data for Dr. Giblets’ location from the table.

Find Dr. Giblets on Zephyr

Enter the portal again to return to the home. Interact with the screen to find Dr. Giblets location.

Select the option on the screen and then enter the portal again. Dr. Giblets is at Zephyr paradise > Deep Jungle.

In the new area, continue to follow the waypoint until you reach Dr. Giblets base. On your way, you will meet a Moplet who is dying.

Investigate Dr. Giblets’ Base

Inside the base use the waypoint to highlight the dead one and other instruments that you need to scan to open the next gate.

Scan three more items to open next door.

Scan three more items.

Defeat all the enemies and follow the waypoint to reach Dr. Giblets

Retrieve Giblets’ DNA

As soon you find him, he’ll slip and kill himself. Take out his DNA.

Escape the Base & Return Home

Defeat multiple waves of G3 enemies and exit through the tap door once the base starts getting filled with toxic gas. You can leave the area using the magnetic walls and go up.

Go into the room with the Gatlian and retrieve it. Press the button to start the portal and return home.

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