Dragon Beach Collectibles Locations Guide | God of War Ragnarok

Dragon Beach All Collectibles Locations

This guide shows the location of all collectibles and how to get them in the Dragon Beach area of the Svartalfheim Region in God of War Ragnarok. Click here for a video walkthrough.

1) Dragon Beach Nornir Chest

The Nornir chest is on the north side of the beach at the location shown in the picture below. To unlock the Nornir chest, you need to destroy three seals.

The first seal is behind the Nornir chest as shown in the picture below. Throw your axe at the base of the geyser behind the chest to freeze the geyser, to be able to see the seal.

From the Nornir chest’s location, turn around and go west. Shortly, you will find another geyser. Freeze the geyser and you will see the seal behind it as shown in the picture below.

From the previous seal location, turn around and you will see a dragon statue. The third and final seal is behind the dragon statue as shown in the picture below. Once you have destroyed the three seals, the Nornir chest will be unlocked and you will get a Horn of Blood Bead by opening it.

2) Lore (Rune Read – Don’t Breath)

It is on the right side of the Nornir Chest as shown in the picture below.

3) Buried Treasure (Treasure Map – Washed Ashore)

Go to the right side of the island to the end. Here you will find the buried treasure in front of some bones as shown in the pictures below. It will be available only if you have collected the Washed Ashore map from Alberich Island.

4) Yggdrasil Rift

Climb up the chains on the left side of the Nornir Chest as shown below. Here you will see some air coming out from the hole in the pillar on the left side as shown in the second picture below. Throw your Spear (You will get it from Main Quest 10) into the hole. Use it to climb up further. Then turn left and use the grappling hook to jump to the other side. Now go right to find the rift.

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