Dressed to Kill Contract Walkthrough in Skull and Bones | Cutter Ship Blueprint

This article will guide you through all the objectives of the contract “Dressed to Kill” to get Cutter Ship Blueprint in Skull and Bones.

How to Complete Dressed to Kill Quest in Skull and Bones

The Dressed to Kill Contract can be accessed at Saint Anne. After carrying out the “Unwelcome Aboard” contract, speak with the Blacksmith to acquire the contract Dressed to Kill. The quest introduces you to the character customization capabilities.

Visit, purchase, and equip cosmetic items from the Vanity Atelier

After accepting the task, the player must head to the Vanity Atelier. Travel south from the Blacksmith, cross the bridge, and search for a house on the left with two dressed-up mannequins beside the wooden steps. Go up the stairs and enter inside.

Speak with the NPC inside the Vanity Atelier and select the option to purchase and equip the items. The shop has eleven categories Sets, Headwear, Face accessories, Neck accessories, Torso, Waist, etc.

Purchase an item and equip it.

Return to the Blacksmith

After you have equipped new cosmetic items from the Vanity Atelier, head back to the blacksmith to end the contracts.

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