Droid Factory Frenzy: All Minikits & Challenges | Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

This guide shows how to get all 5 Minikits and 3 Challenges in the Droid Factory Frenzy mission in the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Droid Factory Frenzy: Minikit 1/5

After dropping down to the first conveyor belt, you will see the Minikit Straight up ahead. Climb to the top of the crushing machine and from there, jump to get the Minikit as shown in the pictures below.

Droid Factory Frenzy: Minikit 2/5

After collecting the previous Minikit, continue ahead and drop down on the next conveyor belt. Then turn left and you will see the Minikit above a furnace. Destroy the brick blocking the ladder. Then climb up the ladder to get the Minikit.

Droid Factory Frenzy: Minikit 3/5

You will get this Minikit after you have to shift controls to the droids. After you drop down to the conveyor belt while playing as the droids, you will see the Minikit being carried on a monorail as shown in the pictures below. Hit on the target above the Minikit and the Minikit will drop. Then you can collect it.

Droid Factory Frenzy: Minikit 1/5

After collecting the previous Minikit, jump on the conveyor belt on the right side. Then proceed ahead and jump back to the conveyor belt on left. Destroy the barricade here as shown in the picture below. Continue ahead and you will find a machine making a painting. as shown in the second picture below. Destroy the artwork. Then build the Minikit from the blocks.

Droid Factory Frenzy: Minikit 5/5

Continue in the mission until Anakin and Padme remove the blue energy shield. Now shift control to the droids. Proceed on the conveyor belt and destroy the barricade to reach the Minikit as shown in the pictures below. You will have to pull out the Minikit from the machine.

Droid Factory Frenzy: All Level Challenges

No Hanging Around

Details: Find a way to rescue Padme within 30 seconds.
When you get the objective to rescue Padme, do not engage in any fighting. Simply go straight and use the droid terminal to rescue Padme.

Mind Control Drone

Details: Turn Geonosians against each other with Jedi Mind Tricks.
After removing the blue energy shield, use Jedi Mind Trick to control a Geonosian and defeat another Geonosian with it.

Zipping Past Danger

Details: Find a shortcut over a conveyor belt.
After collecting the first Minikit, jump on top of the last Crushing Machine. Then use the rods to climb to its pillar’s top. Then use the zipline as shown in the picture below to complete the challenge.

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  1. Reks Devis

    Hi! I really appreciate your efforts. Keep sharing such informative stuff. Really amazing. Thank you.

  2. Sully (@skittlebiz)

    “Factory Sample” was the most tricky minikit for me in this level, especially because every other help website said just shoot at the target above it. Well, when you’re on the platform closest to the exit droid puzzle, the target does not open (so you see essentially nothing), it’s just a white double-bar looking thing that looks like you can shoot it, but I wasted like an hour trying every character shooting at it until I found a site with the right picture that showed the target only appears (is revealed) when on the conveyor belt parallel to the one next to the exit puzzle. So if you’re on the conveyor belt near this exit puzzle, hop over to the other conveyor belt using the buckets of random lego parts that circle the area. Once on the other belt, you should see that the minikit cart opens a shooter target once it pauses above the conveyor belt. Because the belt moves you away from the target and ruins your accuracy at hitting it, I found that the best option is to shift over to the edge of the platform that is not moving (closer to the moving buckets of lego pieces) and shoot from there.

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