How to get the Complete Druidic Armor Set: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Druidic Armor

Location: Boyne Tombs in Meath

    • The armor piece is located northwest of Dublin at Boyne Tombs in Meath.
    • Enter through the hidden secret entrance below the black flag and drop two-level down to the lower area.
    • Collect a key from the table in the room. Jump through the window to a much lower level and open the door to find another secret path on the right-hand side.
    • Find a chest inside a secret path with the armor set.

Druidic Breeches

Location:  Kesh Corran, Connacht

    • From the cave entrance climb up the ledge on the left. 
    • Once on top, there should be another cave entrance blocked by stone.
    • There are oil jars behind the barricade. Throw torches behind the barricade to blast the wall.
    • Once inside, climb down the ladders on the left and follow the cave path. 
    • Go through the crack in the wall on the right and then keep going through the tunnel until you reach the treasury that has the chest with the breeches.

Druidic Bracers

Location: Donegal in Ulster

    • The chest is on the top floor, inside a large house near the center of town. 
    • You find some boarded windows. Shoot these windows and enter the house by climbing to get the bracers.

Druidic Helmet

Location: Movilla Abbey in Ulster

    • Go along the left of the main chapel to the doorway that’s closed with a steel grate. 
    • Use Odin’s Sight to shoot the lock inside.
    • The helmet piece is in a chest

Druidic Cloak

Location: Doon Fort in Ulster.

    • Head to the north part of the fort, and the chest will be inside a stone structure.

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