Dual Evidence Puzzles and Quest Guide | Genshin Impact 3.1

This guide shows you how to complete the world quest Dual Evidence in the game Genshin Impact 3.1. Dual Evidence is the first quest in the Old Notes and New Friends World Quest series. Players must finish Golden Slumber and wait for a daily reset to start the quest.

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Enter Aaru Village with Kalantari

Once you teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Aaru Village or enter the area around the village after a server restart, the quest will instantly start.

Talk to Soheil

Go to the Aaru Village with Kalantari and speak with an old man name Soheil (NPC)

Go to Duat Hall

You can reach Duat Hall by the underground route underneath The Dune of Magma. Enter the ruin and find the way to the underground tunnel.

Step 1

Enter the Dune of Magma and remove the seal on the right side with the Plinth book. You need clearance 1 here. Solve the Golden Slumber questline to get clearance 1. Optional: you can remove the seal on the left side too (stairs going down).

Step 2

Go upstairs and follow the corridor to reach a room at the end, wait for the fan to stop, then release and guide the Primal Ember.

Step 3

Guide the Primal Ember to the entrance of the Ruin. If you have not removed the right door seal earlier then just tract back to the starting point.

Step 4

Continue to guide the Primal Ember. This will open the door in the main (first) room. Drop down through the newly open door. The underground area of The Dune of Magma is now open. 

Continue to follow the underground path to large a very large open area. Activate the first teleport waypoint.

Entarnce to Duat Hall

2nd teleport waypoint

Open the door with the book

Duat Hall

Obtain full clearance on the Scarlet Sand Slate (0/3)

In this objective, a traveler needs to complete the following ruins by activating the monolith with all Primal Embers in the following locations:

  • Place of Rebirth ruins north of Dune of Magma.
  • Place of Breath ruins in Khemenu Temple.
  • Place of Swallowing ruins in Duat Hall.

Place of Rebirth Ruins – Obtain full clearance on the Scarlet Sand Slate (1/3)

The first ruin name “Place of Rebirth” is located north of Dune of Magma. Here is the walkthrough of Place of Rebirth. You can teleport yourself north of Dune of Magma or the entrance to Duat Hall.

Enter the hole that is located in front of Duat Hall’s entrance. Drop down to the bottom of the cave.

Release the first Primal Ember, then follow it until it lands on a pillar in the flooded room. This will drain out the water.

Enter the corridor on the west side, which is opposite the main door.

Create a Verity Cell by placing the Forged Primal Lights on the platform.

Use the newly constructed Verity Cell to reveal the Pyro Torches. Light all of Pyro Torches afterward.

Defeat the enemies, then release the second Primal Ember back to the main room.

Next, go to the path on the right side of the entrance to reach a new room. In this new room move two cells to unlock Primal Ember.

Release the Primal Ember and follow it to the main room.

This will up your slate with one clearance!

Place of Breath – Obtain full clearance on the Scarlet Sand Slate (2/3)

The second ruin name “Place of Breath” is located underneath Khemenu Temple. Here is the walkthrough of Place of Breath. You can teleport to the marked teleport waypoint. This Teleport Waypoint was unlocked during the An Introduction to Indoor Archaeology quest.

Head to the Teleport waypoint for Khemenu Temple, marked on the map, and enter inside to reach the main hall.

Take the left corridor in the main hall.

Open the first door you see with the blue book device, then drop down the hole.

Break the rock on the left of the beam puzzle. Rotate the cell to open the door. Note: The Primal Flame here is not required for this walkthrough. 

Drop down from the broken bridge to the ground. Follow the stone slate guidance marker.

Go up the ramp and follow the slate marker to reach the entrance of the ruin – Place of Rebirth.

Head inside the Place of Rebirth and glide down to the right door from the entrance.

Continue forward until you see the first Primal Ember. Release and follow the primal Ember.

Wait for the fan to stop or disable the fan first by interacting with the book.

Continue to follow the Primal Ember to reach a hall with Primal Constructs (enemies) Here, defeat the Primal Constructs to get the second Primal Ember.

In the same hall, open the locked door with the book device. Get inside the door and use the elevator to ride up. There you will find the third and last Primal Ember.

Follow all the Primal Embers to make them settle on pillars and get clearance level!

Place of Swallowing – Obtain full clearance on the Scarlet Sand Slate (3/3)

You can find the Place of Swallowing in Duat Hall. Head to the 2nd teleport waypoint that you unlocked after entering The Dunes of Magma. The location is marked on the map below.

Go to the Teleport waypoint and enter Duat Hall which is a bluish area with broken platforms.

Guide the three Primal Embers on the floating platforms to the room on your right.

Keep an eye on wind currents and wait for the big fan to stop. Guide Primal Embers to its resting pillar to unlock the final clearance level.

Head to the Great Hall of Truths

After getting all the clearance, return to Duat Hall/ Teleport waypoint and head to the opposite side of the entrance. Enter the Great Hall of Truths by the two big statues.

Find a way to activate the giant device

Go to all four monuments and press the “operate” button on all four books to activate the giant device.

Continue forward

Return to the giant device and phase through the barrier in the middle. You will then be transported to a giant room.

Light the Primal Torches (0/3)

Release three Primal Embers and guide their resting pillars.

Defeat the “big guy with evil intentions”

Defeat the enemy.

Look for valuable items

Loot the Precious Chest to pick Aaru’s Shut.

Return to Aaru Village and talk to Soheil

Return to Aaru Village and report your findings to Soheil. 

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