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Mystic Midnight Mushrooms is one of the first subquests that you get by talking to NPCs in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. People in need will ask you for help in form of Subquests. these are a great way to earn extra items, experience points, and zenny.

Mystic Midnight Mushrooms

You get the ‘Mystic Midnight Mushrooms’ subquest by talking to the Timid Boy at the eastern portion of the map at the location as shown in the picture below. You will be tasked to bring five Duskshrroms that could be found only during the evening in North Kamuna Cape. Check the video at the bottom of the page for a video walkthrough.

Quest Giver: Timid Boy
Objective: Deliver the specified items (5 Duskshroom)
Quest Text: They start growing in the evening and are gone by daybreak- I’d love to see those mysterious mushrooms, but I’m scared of the dark. Could you pick some for me on your travel?


1300 Zenny
20 Exp points
5 Blue Mushroom: Mushrooms with regenerative properties. Widely used as an ingredient in Potions.

Duskshoom can be collected from North Kamuna Cape only during the evening. While leaving for North Kamuna Cape from the Mahana Village choose the ‘Afternoon’ option.

Upon entering North Kamuna Cape turn left. A little ahead you can collect three Duskshrooms from the bottom of a mountain arch as shown in the picture below. Check the location highlighted by a yellow arrow on the map below.

From the previous Duskshroom location, turn around and go uphill till the end where you will find two monsters eating leaves from a tree as shown in the picture below.

From the tree mentioned above, turn around and move towards the waterfall. Duskshroom can be found at the bottom of a tree near a chest in front of the waterfall. For the location of the Duskshrooms see the picture below. You can collect two Duskshroom from here.

Once you have the five Duskshrooms, the quest will be updated. Your next objective will be to meet the client in Mahana Village.

Open the map and use the Catavan Stands to fast travel to Mahana Village. Go to the Timid Boy and hand over him the five Duskshrooms to complete the quest and get the rewards,

Video Walkthrough

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