All DLC Map Fragments Locations | Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

This article will guide you on where to find all 5 map fragment locations in the Elden Ring (Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC), released on 21st June 2024.

Gravesite Plain

The first Map Fragment (Gravesite Plain) is located northeast of the Gravesite Plain – Site of Grace.

Scadu Altus

To acquire the Scadu Atlus Map Fragment, you need to defeat Rellana, the Twin Moon Knight, in Castle Ensis. Afterward, proceed northeast towards the Shadow Keep. You’ll find the Scadu Atlus Map Fragment along the path, just before reaching the encampment.

Southern Shore

Cross the Ellac Greatbridge to reach the Castle Front Site of Grace.

Then, go southeast to reach the ridge and carefully climb down to the river below.

Enter the cave at the bottom of the ridge and follow the path to reach the Ellac River Cave Site of Grace.

From the Ellac River Cave Site of Grace, move south through the cave system. Follow the path by jumping through the platform to reach the Ellac River Downstream Site of Grace.

Keep going south, and when you exit the cave, head southwest to get to the Cerulean Coast – Site of Grace.

Continue along the south path to the coast to find the Southern Shore Map Fragment.

Rauh Ruins

Start at the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace and go northeast, go past the lake and enter the cave. Go through the cave and head northwest to find another cave that leads to the Ancient Ruins Base Site of Grace.

Then, go southwest to find the Rauh Ruins Map Fragment.


Head east from the Main Gate Plaza Site of Grace, follow the path to go ramp, and then go down a ladder on the left.

Go down another ladder to reach a room. Interact with the illusionary wall to open the new path.

Inside ride the coffin.

Then follow the path of waterfalls to reach Darklight Catacombs.

Enter inside the Darklight Catacombs to reach Forsaken Graveyard site of grace. Continue down the path to the southeast to reach the Woodland Trail site of grace

Keep going down the same path until you reach the Abyssal Woods Map Fragment.

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