Elden Ring DLC: Darklight Catacombs Walkthrough (All Items)

This article will guide you to give a complete walkthrough of the “Darklight Catacombs” in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

Darklight Catacombs Location

Darklight Catacombs is one of the minor dungeons located northeast of Abyssal Woods, as shown in the map below.

Darklight Catacombs Walkthrough

Follow this walkthrough to find all the collectibles inside the Darklight Catacombs. Equip a torch as the dungeon is mostly dark. Enter the catacomb and ride the elevator to activate the Site of Grace.

Amber Medallion 3

Start to follow the tunnel and go down the stairs to reach a room with two Stone Imps. Go down the stairs in the same room and kill the Imp with a cannon.

Go through the passageway near the stairs to find a lever. Pull it to turn ON the torches in the dungeon.

Head back to the area where you encounter the Imp with a cannon. Carefully drop down from the railing onto the narrow path below.

Then drop down again into a secret room on the south side. Interact with the chest to find the Viridian Amber Medallion 3.

Death Knight Armor Set

Now, drop down onto the sloping bridge below, head in the north direction, and ride the elevator down.

Head in the north direction, go down the first stairs to defeat an Imp. Keep yourself along the right-side wall and go to the end of the room, behind the giant stone pillar-like structure, and kill a cannon Imp.

Climb up the ladder between the stone pillars. At the top head west, and drop down to find a lever. Pull it to turn ON the torches in the dungeon.

Drop down onto the stairs behind the lever. Look for a small gap in the railing and drop down carefully onto the small ledge below.

Enter the secret room, defeat the enemy, and finally loot the corpse on the NE corner of the room to get the armor set.

The following armor sets are available :

  • Death Knight Helm
  • Death Knight Gauntlets
  • Death Knight Greaves
  • Death Knight Armor

Great Ghost Glovewort

Descend the ladder on the south side of the room, proceed along the path, defeat the enemy at the end of the ledge, and then drop down.

Follow the eastern tunnel and finally descend via the elevator.

Proceed down the steps ahead to enter a large, dimly lit room. On the far side, you’ll see a giant cannon-head Imp start attacking you. To fight the giant cannon-head Imp, you need to time your dodges from the explosive projectiles and hide behind some pillars and alcoves.

Drop down from the ledge and start moving northeast along the left side of the. You’ll now need to run northeast along the left side. Go into a room at the end of the path. Activate the lever to turn ON the light and lower the platform where the giant Imp is standing.

Finally, run over to the giant cannon-head Imp and kill it by attacking its legs to get a Great Ghost Glovewort.

Bigmouth Imp Spirit Ashes

Jump down onto the ledge behind the giant cannon-head Imp. Proceed into the room on the south side to find Bigmouth Imp Spirit Ashes.

Barbed Staff-Spear

Climb the ladder on the eastern wall and drop down at the end of the tunnel. Turn around and go down the stairs and then the elevator.

Follow the path to the fog wall. Defeat the boss Jori, Elder Inquisitor to obtain Barbed Staff-Spear.

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