Elden Ring DLC: How to get Dragon Heart in Dragon’s Pit Guide

This article will guide you to give a complete walkthrough of how to get “Dragon Heart” in the “Dragon’s Pit” in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

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Dragon’s Pit Walkthrough

Dragon’s Pit is one of the minor dungeons. Follow the path south of the Castle Front Grace of Point, as shown in the map below.

How to reach the Dragon’s Pit

To get to the Dragon’s Pit, start from Gravesite Plain Site of Grace and head in the north direction. Cross the Ellac Greatbridge to reach the Castle Front Site of Grace. Refer to the map below.

Then, travel in the southeast direction of the road to reach the Pillar Path Waypoint. Then, travel southwest along the path marked by stone dragon statues to reach the Dragon’s Pit dungeon.

Dragon Heart + Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone Location

Once inside the dungeon, follow the path with lit braziers and candles.

When you reach the big ramped cave, go to the path on the right side.

Follow the candle to reach a larger area. Here defeat the giant dragon to receive Dragon Heart + Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

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