Elden Ring DLC: How to get Shadow Realm Rune (Shadow of The Erdtree)

This article will guide you on where to find Shadow Realm Rune in the game Elden Ring (Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC), released on 21st June 2024.

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Where to find Shadow Realm Rune in Elden Ring DLC

Shadow Realm Rune is located inside the Scorpion River Catacombs.

Scorpion River Catacombs Location

To access the Scorpion River Catacombs, go to the Temple Town Ruins Site of Grace and enter the ravine. Follow the river around to loop around to the west until you reach an opening in the cliff. Refer to the map below.

Shadow Realm Rune

Enter the catacomb and follow the path to reach the site of grace. Proceed ahead and go down the steps on the left to reach the first large room.

Sprint to cross the bridge and get under the stone canopy on the far side before the Basilisk statue gets activated up ahead.

Next, head down the stairs and pass through a couple of smaller rooms until you reach a large room with a spiked roof trap.

Head left and drop down from the ledge. Defeat two Basilisks (frog-eyed creatures) under the arch and collect a Shadow Realm Rune.

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