Elden Ring DLC: Smithing Talisman Location (Enhances Weapon-Throwing Attacks)

This article will guide you to give the location of “Smithing Talisman” in “Ruined Forge of Starfall Past” in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

Where to find Smithscript Spear in Erdtree DLC

Ruined Forge of Starfall Past is one of the minor dungeons located southeast of Castle Ensis.

Enter the tunnel and go down the ladder to reach the first room where you can activate the Site of Grace.

Proceed into the second room. Cross to the other side of the room from the elevated platform. Go to the left side, activate the lever next to the brazier to unlock the door, and continue forward.

Proceed along the newly opened path, then enter the tunnel on your right after reaching a larger room.

Follow the tunnel, climb the ladder, and navigate the makeshift ramp near the lava.

Immediately turn to the left side to enter a room in the next area. Collect Smithing Talisman from a corpse.

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