Elden Ring: Full Main Story Quest Walkthrough Guide | Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

This article will guide you through the main story path in the game Elden Ring – Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC, released on 21st June 2024. The main story path of Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC contains 4 main bosses.

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The map below shows the path to be followed for the main story of Elden Ring – Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Step 1: Travel to Ensis Castle and Defeat Rellana to Reach the North

DLC starts near the Gravesite Plain Site of Grace as marked on the below map. For the main story to start player needs to proceed in the north direction.

Before that, proceed northeast of the Gravesite Plain – Site of Grace to find your first Map Fragment (Gravesite Plain) to unlock the map.

Now, start moving in the north direction, cross the Ellac Greatbridge to reach Castle Front.

From here, go up the stairs on the left follow the linear path to enter a cave, and then reach Castle Ensis Checkpoint Site of Grace. Follow the map below to reach the Boss chamber.

From the Site of Grace, head south and drop down to reach the waterfall.

Cross the waterfall and climb the ladder on the left to get to the back of the locked gate. In a nearby room, you will find the lever to open the gate.

Follow the linear path to reach the Castle-Lord’s Chamber Site of Grace. Next, you must defeat the first main boss, Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, to unlock the northern part of the map.

Step 2: Go to Shadow Keep and defeat Boss: Messmer to acquire Messmer’s Kindling

Scadu Altus Map Fragment

Afterward, proceed northeast towards the Shadow Keep. You’ll find the Scadu Atlus Map Fragment along the path, just before reaching the encampment.

Defeat Golden Hippopotamus Boss

Follow the road going north, until you reach the Shadow Keep. Enter the Shadow Keep from the main entrance, and go up the elevator to reach the Shadow Keep Main Gate Site of Grace. Defeat the first minor boss Golden Hippopotamus in Shadow Keep to enter the dungeon.

Reach Storehouse First Floor Site of Grace

After defeating the Golden Hippopotamus, head northwest. Pass through the armor room and go up the stairs.

Once you’re in the open area, turn right and climb two sets of wooden stairs to reach the dining room.

Exit the dining room from the southeast side to reach another open area. Here, proceed to the right.

Go past some boats on the roof, then take the stairs and continue to the left.

At the end, take the elevator up to reach Specimen Storehouse.

Reach Storehouse Fourth Floor Site of Grace

Go behind the giant structure and proceed up the stairs.

Make a quick left after the stairs and near the bookshelves.

After the second set of bookshelves, turn right and go up the ramp. Then make a left turn and take the stairs.

Make a right turn and head for the railing. You will see a giant human-type structure hanging from the ceiling.

Jump onto the hanging structure from the side facing its legs and proceed to the balcony next to its head. There activate the Storehouse Fourth Floor Site of Grace.

Reach Storehouse Seventh Floor Site of Grace

Exit the room from the window sum door and proceed on the left side.

Go up the stairs and follow the walkway around the outer side of the building. Go past the flying bats trying to attack you.

Enter the first available doorway to go back inside.

Turn right and follow the path along the gallery.

Then, go up two levels and enter the room with chandeliers to reach Storehouse Seventh Floor Site of Grace.

Defeat Messmer the Impaler to get Messmer’s Kindling

Head out of the room with the Site of Grace and go toward the end of the balcony.

Jump down to the lower floor near the goat statue.

Approach the small altar on the right side and activate the lever to raise all the hanging structures.

Climb up the raised structure and enter the room on the left. Proceed towards the horse-like structure as shown in the image below. You must go in the direction of the horse-shaped structure.

Exit the room outside, turn right, and go up the stairs.

Head to the left and enter the building with the giant door. Go upstairs and activate the Dark Chamber Entrance Site of Grace. Finally enter the arena and defeat the Boss – Messmer the Impaler.

Messmer’s Kindling is dropped by the Boss – Messmer the Impaler.

Step 3: Defeat Romina at the Church of the Bud

Refer to the below article to activate the Rauh Ruins Map Fragment to clear the map.

Reach the West Rampart Site of Grace

From the Storehouse First Floor Site of Grace, head left and take the elevator down.

Upon exiting the elevator, turn right, then left, and go down the steps.

Navigate through the room where giant pots attempt to attack you.

Go down the stairs again and exit the building to arrive at the West Rampart Site of Grace.

Reach Viaduct Minor Tower

This path is quite straightforward. Follow the pathway along the Rampart, and after entering the structure, turn right and go upstairs.

Take the elevator to reach the Viaduct Minor Tower.

Reach Rauh Ancient Ruins East

Next, the player needs to travel to Rauh Ancient Ruins East.

Exit the building and follow the path west, keeping to the right side.

Enter the building near two braziers.

Follow the path lit by the braziers until you see a giant door slightly open.

Instead of going through it, turn left and jump down to the lower level near the giant braziers.

Go through the slightly open giant door to the southwest.

Proceed ahead and jump down again to the lower floor.

Continue northwest and take a left turn to exit the building.

Follow the linear path to reach the Site of Grace.

Reach Rauh Ancient Ruins West

The next target is to reach Rauh Ancient Ruins West Site of Grace.

Proceed in the west direction along the bridge.

Then go up the stairs.

Go to the other side of the waterfall to reach the site of Grace.

Reach Church of Bud Main Entrance

Next, the goal is to reach the Church of Bud Main Entrance

Proceed southwest and enter the building. Go up the stairs to reach a large hall.

Keep yourself along the left wall and then take the left to reach the elevator.

Proceed in the north direction along the mountain wall and enter the cave. Follow the path to reach the site of Grace.

Defeat Romina Saint of the Bud Boss

Proceed southwest and cross the yellow fog at the entrance to go inside. There, fight the boss, Romina, Saint of the Bud. This unmissable boss in Shadow of the Erdtree is located at the Church of the Bud.

Defeat her to receive Remembrance of the Saint of the Bud.

Step 4: Complete NPC questlines

Complete the NPC questlines by following the below article links. Completing these NPC’s questlines will allow you to summon them for the final Boss fight

Alert: Keep in mind that after using “Messmer’s Kindling” there is no point returning in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. It will lock you out of all NPC questlines. So complete NPC questlines before using Messmer’s Kindling on Sealing Tree.

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Step 5: POINT OF NO RETURN Use Messmer’s Kindling on Sealing Tree

Next, your next goal is to burn the Sealing Tree at the Church of the Bud with Messmer’s Kindling

Now is the time to use Messmer’s Kindling on Sealing Tree. Exit the arena from the south gate and proceed toward the Sealing Tree. You can use the Messmer’s Kindling to burn the Sealing Tree. Interact with the tree to burn it.

Step 6: Speak with Thiollier & St. Trina again

Before fighting the Final Boss, speak with Thiollier & St. Trina again. Do this until Thiollier says “A-Ah”. If you do these steps then only it’s possible to summon NPCs

Step 7: Travel to Enir-Ilim for the Final Boss fight

Proceed to the end of Enir-Ilim, where you will encounter the final boss of the DLC. This area is quite linear, with the general direction being upward. The final boss is located at the highest point of the city.

Final Boss fight

Finally, go to the Divine Gate Front Staircase Site of Grace to start the Final Boss fight.

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