Elden Ring: List of All Armor Set (Shadow of the Erdtree DLC)

This article will guide you through the complete list of all 45 New Armor Sets for the game Elden Ring (Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC), released on 21st June 2024.

Caterpillar Mask

You will get this after fighting with Leda, just before the final boss fight of the DLC. Refer to Step 13 of Leda’s questline.

High Priest Set

Finger Robe

Dryleaf Set

Wiseman’s Mask Ansbach Set

Imp Head (Lion)


Thiollier’s Set

Gravebird’s Set

Dancer’s Set

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Dancer’s Set (Altered)

Common Solider’s Set

Shadow Militiaman Set

Igon’s Set

Leather Set

Highland Attire

Curseblade Mask/Ascetic’s Set

Pelt of Ralva/ Iron Rivet Set

Fang Helm

Messmer’s Solider Set

Freyja’s Set

Night Armor Set

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Messmer’s Set

Black Knight Set

Fire Knight Set

Winged Serpent Helm

Death Mask Helm

Salza’s Hood

Death Knight Set

Horned Warrior Set

Divine Beast Set

Divine Bird Set

Oathseeker Knight Set

Oathseeker Knight Armor

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Rakshasa Armor Set

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Rellana’s Set

Solitude Set

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Young Lion’s Set

Verdigris Set

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Gaius’s Set

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Crucible Hammer-Helm

St. Trina’s Blossom

Circlet of Light

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