Elizabeth Request 97: Bring me my Christmas Present | Persona 3 Reload

This article will explain how to complete Elizabeth Request 97: Bring me my Christmas Present in Persona 3 Reload. After defeating Full Moon Shadow, Elizabeth will give you a list of requests (optional). Completing these optional requests will provide you with rewards and cash.

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Elizabeth Request 97

The first head to the velvet room and accept the request from Elizabeth. Once you accept the request from Elizabeth then only you will be able to obtain the Christmas Gift for Elizabeth Request 97: Bring me my Christmas Present in Persona 3 Reload

Task: Get Elizabeth’s present from Santa.

Where to find Christmas Present in Persona 3 Reload

Once you accept request 95 from Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload, start by heading over to Iwatodia Strip Mall. At the Iwatodia Strip Mall, speak with Eccentric Man (NPC) at the 2F level to obtain the Christmas Gift.

Note: To complete this request, you need to save one of the lost people in Tartarus in June.

After collecting the Christmas Gift, head back to Elizabeth and give her the Christmas Gift to end request number 97.

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