Metroid Dread: All Collectible Locations in Elun

This guide shows where to find all collectibles in every location of Elun in the game – Metroid Dread

Energy Tank #1 

Elun has only one Energy Tank, which is located north of you as soon as you enter this area from the shuttle. I have marked this on the map. Simply break a few beam blocks, spin up into space, drop a bomb to clear a path, and grab the tank.

Missile Tank #1 

This first missile tank on Elun requires you to travel to the far north of the region, which we’ve highlighted in the map below. You’ll now need to make your way to the right side of the tunnel network. To make this one super simple, use your scanner to highlight blocks. Use a power bomb to clear the extreme right pathway so you can clamber up and collect the upgrade.

Power Bomb Tank #1

Travel to the region’s extreme east, to the location marked on the map below. Simply enter the tunnel network in this small area, scan for breakable blocks, and make your way down to grab it.

Missile Tank #2

This is located directly south of the last tank. To get this one, we’ll need to use the giant fan in the area we’ve marked on our map to charge up our speed boost, activate shinespark, and quickly make our way down a short distance, zigzagging to where the speed blocks are located to perform a straight-up jump, smash them, and finally grab the upgrade.

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