End-Of-The-Line: Area Objectives location in Biomutant (How to Guide)

  • Post published:May 29, 2021
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End-Of-The-Line is a Location in BiomutantEnd-Of-The-Line is located in the Sector 9F of the map.

The following objectives become available when you reach End-Of-The-Line:

    • Biobliob Container x 2
    • Resource Totem x 2
    • Superb Loot x 1
    • Old World Gadget x 2

End-Of-The-Line Area Objective Location

    • Resource Totem #1: Rubber Totem is located near the southern Rail Bridge.
    • Superb Loot: In the trunk of a blue color car
    • Old World Gadget #1: Inside the building. It is a globe rotation puzzle.
    • Biobliob Container #1: Inside the building in the adjacent room (left the most room)
    • Old World Gadget #2: Telephone booth puzzle, near the left wall.
    • Biobliob Container #2 & Resource Totem #2
    • You can find it in the middle of an island. Use Fungi ability to climb the roof of the building.
    • Use the Zipline to reach the small island to collect the remaining items.

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