Ender Lilies: Chapter 4 Walkthrough (Catacombs)

Ender Lilies does not gives you a quest marker or tells you where to go to complete the chapter. The purpose of this walkthrough is to help those people who are lost in the maze and guide them to the next main boss so that they can progress through the main story quest of Ender Lilies. Defeating (purifying) the main bosses will grant you their soul and you’ll be rewarded with a new action. Learning new actions will let you explore new areas which were unreachable earlier. Before going after the main bosses it’s advisable that you explore the areas as much as possible: gather spirits (by defeating mini-bosses), collect relics and enhance your weapons. This will help you in defeating the main bosses easily.

Ender Lilies: Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Main Boss: Guardian Silva
Action Reward: Guardian’s Wings / Air-Dash
You need to purify Guardian Silva to complete Chapter 4.

How to Reach the Catacombs?

You can enter the Catacombs through the Cliffside Hamlet region. After completing chapter 3 return to the Collapsed Shack Respite in the Cliffside Hamlet region.
STEP 1: Go to the area on the right side of Collapsed Shack Respite. Take the lower exit from this area (Giant’s hammer ability required) to enter the area below. Activate the lever in this area to remove the platform covering the water. Now, you need to leave this area and enter it again from the other side to reach the water.

STEP 2: Return to Collapsed Shack Respite –> Go to the area on the Left –> Go to the area below (Giant’s hammer ability required) –> Go to the area on the right. This is the area where you removed the platform covering the water in STEP 1. You can now swim underwater (Witch’s Bubble Activity required) and reach the Catacombs.

How to Reach the Catacombs’ Main Boss?

Check the images below to see how to reach the Catacombs Boss after you’ve reached the Catacombs. There are THREE Respites in Catacombs: (1) Bottom of the Well, (2) Great Hall and (3) Ossuary. From the Bottom of the Well, go below –> go right –> go above –> go right to reach the Great Hall Respite. From here, go right –> go right –> go below, to reach the Ossuary. From the Ossuary, go below –> go left –> go above –> go above –> go right, to reach the area with the Catacombs’ Boss. Defeat the boss to complete Chapter 4.

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