Enter the Gatehouse | Hogwarts Legacy – The High Keep

This article will guide you through the objective “Enter the Gatehouse” of the main quest “The High Keep ” in the game Hogwarts Legacy. In this quest, you have to infiltrate Falbarton Castle in search of a letter that could expose Rookwood and Harlow’s evil schemes.

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After you have climbed up the Battlements your next objective is o enter the gatehouse.

Enter the Gatehouse

Once you’re up, blast the wooden barricade to free a crawlspace. This crawlspace is still blocked by a box.

So, go around the building and look through a window. From the window use Wingardium Leviosa on the box move it and clear the crawlspace. Finally, you can enter the gatehouse.

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  1. Southern Wind

    I can’t get to that point. These guides start just after the first part. I don’t know how to get to the first point. Frustrating

  2. g. hucher

    Nazis programers disable aquired abilities so you goose step the way they made it. Gas chambers for those who try anything differently. I guess programmers don’t know how to use hands to climb and failed gym.

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