Enter Thutmose’s Secret Base | Genshin Impact 3.1

This guide shows how to enter “Enter Thutmose’s Secret Base” in the world quest Hidden Mercenaries in the game Genshin Impact 3.1, released on 28th September 2022. There is a Luxurious Chest at the end of the quest.

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Enter Thutmose’s Secret Base

Head to the marked location in the Valley of Dahri.

Interact with the mechanism. You need a password to enter the ruin.

Stay away from the Male enemy.

Follow the female enemy quietly.

You will hear the password from Patrolling Mercenary. Then head back to the ruin.

Enter the password.

Head inside the ruin.

Look for valuable items

Head inside and follow the linear path.

Release three Seelies from the cage and follow them to settle.

Unlock the luxurious chest after all three Seelies settle at their resting place.

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