Escape The Castle: All Mask Locations & Puzzles | Resident Evil 8 Village

To escape the castle you need to place four masks on four statutes in the ‘Hall of the Four‘.

How to Escape the Castle in Resident Evil 8 Village

Mask of Sorrow 1/4

By this time you must have already collected this mask from the Hall of Sorrow. As this is the part of the main story and you will get the objective later.

Mask of Pleasure 2/4

Head upstairs and take the right to the mask door (marron eye) on 2F. At the end of the corridor, use the Dimitrescu’s Key to unlock the door. Here you can pick up the Mask of Pleasure from the statue.

This will lock the door. Crawl through the fireplace to reach the Armory. At this time one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters shows up.

    • Move the bookshelf to expose the crack wall.
    • Collect the pipe bomb and use it to blow up the wall.
    • Once freezing air starts coming inside you can fight with Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter.
    • Collect the ‘Mounted Animal Skull’ from Armory. Interact with the screw on the back to turn it into an Animal Skull
    • Head back to the Hall of Pleasure, interact with the statue and place the Animal Skull to unlock the door.

Mask of Joy 3/4

    • Head to the Courtyard and enter the door on the north side using Dimitrescu’s Key.
    • Grab the Castle Map (Annex) on the right side of the stairs.
    • Go up the stairs to the 2F and into the “Opera Hall”. Interact with the piano to completing the puzzle. Retrieve the Iron Insignia Key.
    • Use the Iron Insignia Key to open the door to the Library in 2F.
    • Here you will need to fight the third daughter. Pull the lever of central pillars to let the cold wind in for a limited time. You can pull the lever again if you fail to defeat.
    • Enter the next room ‘ Hall of Joy” to collect the mask.

Mask of Fury 4/4

    • Head into Atelier through the silver gate of Hall of Joy.
    • Solve the Bells puzzle by shooting 5 different bells to open a secret door.
      • On Table
      • On top of that cabinet
      • On swinging pendulum
      • At the top of the chandelier
      • Outside the glass ceiling
    • Continue to follow the linear path to reach the ‘Rooftops’ via Attic.
    • follow the linear path on the rooftop also to reach a Zipline. This will lead you to the Mask of Fury.
    • Use the ladder and elevator to get back down to the main floor

Place all 4 masks on the statues in the ‘Hall of the Four’. From left to right Mask of SorrowMask of PleasureMask of JoyMask of Rage. Escape through the door to reach ‘Tower of Worship’, and interacting with the coffin.

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