Escape the Hunter (Chapter 10) | Dead Space Remake

How to Escape the Hunter

This guide shows how to complete the Escape the Hunter objective in Chapter 10: End of Days in Dead Space Remake. Please note that you will be able to access some areas only from the story progression. So, if you are unable to open some doors then don’t fret as you will be able to access those areas later.

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As you reach the Central Nexus, a cutscene with Dr. Mercer will start. After the cutscene, you will be attacked by a monster. This monster cannot be killed, so you will have to run from it. Unfortunately, the path the locator will point you to take will be blocked by tendrils.

Shoot the legs of the Hunter to slow it and then go behind the glass, where Dr. Mercer was standing. Shoot the boil there to clear out the tendril blocking your path. This will reveal a door leading to the Mess Hall as shown in the second picture below. Go out through this door and go to the Mess Hall to complete the objective.

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