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  • Post published:December 14, 2022
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This guide will show how to complete the objective “Escape the Pit” in the second bounty mission “Krubis Bounty” of the game High On Life, released on 13 December 2022.

Krubis Boss Fight

Fight off and defeat Krubis Boss and all his goons. After defeating him, you’ll unlock a new gun called Gus. Then retrieve Krubis DNA.

Escape the Pit

Finally, to escape the pit, use Gus’ ability to throw discs on hot walls and then jump on the disc to climb up and exit the pit to return home.

Defeat all the enemies along the way.

Interact with the mechanism to create a Zip-line.

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  1. Tristan

    It won’t let me interact with the mechanism so I can’t get past this point. I’m sure it’s because it’s only been days since it’s release but I hope this gets fixed.

    1. Ralifar

      No actual fix by the developers. It happened to me too, but you can download NexusMods and set your shield and health to unlimited to cheat your way past that part. You can just walk through the sludge without dying to bypass it and the story will continue.

  2. Hackthis02

    I didn’t kill Quentin the Grentin. Then died and when I respawned, he wasn’t there, and I can’t interact with the zipline button. It also says the wave point is at the top of the pit I fell thru to get. It’s a essentially soft locked the game for me.

  3. Romqn

    I didn’t try it yet but you could go to your last check point then it will put you back in the ironic battle or put you back on a ledge

  4. Daniel

    @ralifar whats the mod name?

  5. totosite

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