[VAMPYR] The Docks – Local Investigations

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1. Hide and Seek

Go to Enid Gilligham’s house in the night shelter’ vicinity and read the letter on the shelf to start the quest. You have to find the man (Rodney Grader) hiding in the embankment sewers. Rodney is behind the skals territory inside the sewers. Find Rodney and convince him to go back to the docks.

2. A Simple Token of Filial Love (Both Outcomes)

The quest is given by Seymour Fishburn in the docks. You have to retrieve his mother’s necklace to complete the local investigation. You discover something shocking about Seymour while finding the necklace. So, now you have to decide whether you will return the necklace to Seymour or to his mother, Stella Fishburn.

3. Vampire Hunter Extraordinaire (Both Outcomes)

To get the quest talk to Ichabod Throgmorton in the Night Shelter’s Vicinity and offer your help. He wants you to paste posters in the streets of east dock. To complete the local investigation you can either stick 5 posters or you can burn the posters. It’s your choice.

4. Another Body Murdered (Both Outcomes)

This quest begins when you take the watch from a murdered body in an abandoned house in Poplar Faubourg near the Docks. you can finish the local investigation by returning the watch to a relative (Enid Gillingham) or by selling the watch to someone else (Martin Nightingale) in Night Shelter’s Vicinity.

5. Ghouldiggers (Both Outcomes)

This quest is given by Edwina Cox. You have to find her gravediggers in Southwark. After investigating you can either tell Edwina the truth or hide the truth.

6. Tribute to the Victims

0:05 Talk to Dyson Delaney (turquoise turtle pub)
1:58 Locate the site where the bombing took place
4:30 Find some flowers to pay respect to the victims
5:18 Report back to Delaney & finish the investigation.


7. Shortage of Essential Product (Both Outcomes)

0:05 Talk to Tom Watts (Bartender at Turquoise Turtle Pub) to get the quest.
1:20 Retrieve Gin bottles from Tom Watt’s Stash
2:47 Bring back the gin bottles to Tom
3:46 Lie to Tom and keep the Gin bottles


8. Spoils of War (Both Outcomes)

You get this quest in Sean Hampton’s Night Shelter, by talking to Giselle Paxton about the trade union. You have to seek for Giselle Paxton’s thief and retrieve the stolen money. You can either give the money back to Giselle or you can lie to her and keep the money.

9. Old Prune and Good Manners

This investigation is automatically triggered when exploring around the center of the Docks. Go to the south-eastern side of the Dock to find a trio of Skals trying to get to the old man. Defeat them, open the gate, and then talk to the old man named Archer to complete the investigation.

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