[VAMPYR] Whitechapel – Local Investigations

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1. Occult Oculus (Both Outcome)

0:05 Braille Text #1 (Abandoned Investment Property, Whitechapel Street)
1:04 Braille Text #2 (Stonebridge sewers, near Pembroke Hospital)
3:26 Braille Text #3 (Near Turquoise Turtle Club, the docks)
4:44 Braille Text #4 (Temple covered market, west end)
6:08 Talk to Mason Swanborough (Whitechapel Old Road)
9:39 Find the Laboratory
12:01 Retrieve the potion recipe in the laboratory
12:55 Give the diary to Mason Swanborough
14:11 Keep the Diar

2. Trinkets and More (Both Outcome)

1:28 Retrieve Barrett Lewis’s Box
3:38 Give the box and the letter to Barrett Lewis
4:30 Give the box and the letter to Joe Peterson

Talk to the merchant (Barrett Lewis) near the Church in Whitechapel to get the quest.  Retrieve Barrett Lewis’s box. The box contains a love letter from Joe Peterson’s wife addressed to Barrett Lewis. You can give the box and the letter to Barrett Lewis or to Joe Peterson to finish the quest. It’s your choice.

3. Promising Recruit (Both Outcomes)

0:05 Kill the Skal in Whitechapel street to start the quest
1:54 Give the recruiter’s note to Albert Palmer
2:45 Give the recruiter’s note to Benjamin Palmer

As you enter the Whitechapel Street from the hospital’s end you’ll hear a Skal screeching in the alley on the right. Kill the Skal & loot the Wet Boot Boys Note off of it. The Wet Boot Boys approached Albert Palmer about joining the gang, but the recruiter never showed up.

4. Retaliation

This citizen quest will automatically start when you reach the 2nd floor of the abandoned investment property in Whitechapel street. You’ll have to save Cadogan Bates by defeating the Skals to complete the local investigation.

5. Widow in Distress

0:05 Stonebridge Cemtery (save the lady from skals)
4:00 Convince Hsiao Shun to leave the cemetery

Talk to the young woman to learn her name, Hsiao Shun. Now go to bed to let some time pass and to activate the second step of the quest. The next night, Hsiao Shun moved to her husband’s grave, northeast of the cemetery. Join her and start a new conversation.

6. Holy Crusade

0:05 Talk to Father Whitaker & get the quest
1:07 Go to the Stonebridge Cemetery
3:44 Retrieve Samuel the Disciple in the cemetery 
7:32 Inspect the bodies to find Samuel the Disciple
8:00 Follow the blood trail
8:28 Eliminate Samuel the Disciple
9:28 Report to Father Whitaker in Whitechapel

7. Drop the Gun

After embracing Joe Peterson in Whitechapel and spending the night in a hideout you’ll find that his son Harry Peterson is missing from his house in Whitechapel. He is distressed from his father’s death and is hiding in a cabin in whitechapel street (opposite your hideout). The local quest “drop the gun” will start when you enter this cabin. You’ll see Harry holding a gun to his head and you’ll have to convince him to drop his gun in order to finish the local investigation.

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