Fallout 76 Roadmap: Brotherhood of Steel Questline & Season System . Is Bethesda finally bringing in paid content and pay to win to Fallout 76 ?

Bethesta today announced the roadmap for Fallout 76. Some of the noteworthy points being:

  • Free week (May 14th to 18th) Bethesda.net, Steam, Xbox Store and PlayStation Store
  • Start of new Seasons sytem. The use of word “Season pass” makes one think that these seasons may me charcgable though opposed to what Bethesda claimed during the initial release of the game that all future contents will be free of cost.
  •  Bethesda also mentioned that players can use Atoms to claim the season rewards, which is similar to play to win system which Bethesda initially said they wont be bringing to the game.
  • A new brotherhood of steel questline
  • Perk Load outs and legendary perks have also been inroduced as per the popular demand.

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