[FAR CRY 5] Dutch’s Island – Main Story Missions

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1. Prologue (The Warrant)

The remote community of Hope County, Montana, has been taken over by the cult Project at Eden’s Gate, lead by Joseph Seed and his siblings.

Following the uploading of several videos exposing Eden’s Gate of their actions by 3 bloggers to save Hope County, the U.S. Marshall Service issue an arrest warrant for Joseph Seed. U.S. Marshal Burke, along with Sheriff Whitehorse, The Junior Deputy, Deputy Pratt and Deputy Hudson arrive in the county to arrest Joseph. Shortly after bringing him to their helicopter, one of Joseph’s followers brings it down, jumping directly into the rotors and crashing the helicopter. Cultists quickly arrive, rescuing Joseph and kidnapping the Sheriff, Hudson and Pratt with the Junior Deputy and Burke escaping to safety.

2. Prologue (No Way Out)

After escaping, the Deputy finds Burke hiding in a nearby trailer house, only for them to be found by cultists minutes later. After a shoot out, Burke and the Deputy attempt to escape the cultists, which results in Burke being kidnapped while the Deputy is rescued by Dutch.

3. A Glimmer of Hope

The Deputy later sets out to reclaim the county from the grip of the militaristic cult along with the help of The Resistance. Assisting the Deputy are several allies with their own personal grudges against Eden’s Gate, including local pastor Jerome Jeffries, bush pilot and mechanic Nick Rye and bartender Mary May Fairgrave, and of course Hurk. Some of these provide quests, some will help you in combat.

4. The Resistance

  • 2:13 Liberate the cult outpost (ranger station)
  • 3:08 Gun for Hire
  • 4:17 Secure the forest research station
  • 6:09 Go to the radio tower and activate the antenna

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