[FAR CRY 5] Henbane River – Main Story Missions

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1. Hope County Jail

Mission will be automatically in your log as soon as you finish the Prologue.

0:05 Reach the location & eliminate the enemies
1:14 Defend the gate
3:02 Destroy the Speaker Trucks.

2. Clean Water Act

It starts at the Hope County Jail in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. Liberate the jail, then return to Virgil to start this mission.

1:15 Reach the water treatment plant
1:57 Find a way to get in the pump rooms

Go to the water treatment plant via the waypoint. Clear out the cultists in the area. Go up the railing of the first pool to find and hit the button for the pump control there. Head to the next pool and look for an explosive barrel in the pool under the drain. Shoot it to blow the cover. Run through the tube to an open area. You can’t climb out but after a few seconds, water will start to fill it up. The grate over the top of the pool has an opening on one end. Find it, then wait till the water is high enough to climb out. This will give players access to the first pump room. Destroy the pumps.

Go back outside and find the circular pool with the lid. Activate the pump here to drain the water, then jump down. Use the pipe in-between two ladders to get to the next pump room and destroy the pumps. Once they are gone, the mission will be over.

3. Burn Baby Burn

It starts at the Moonflower Trailer Park in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. Players will find Charlemagne ‘Sharky’ Bowshaw on a roof of one of the trailers. Talk to him to start the mission.

Sharky has a music and speaker system rigged on top of his trailer to blast music loud enough for everybody to hear (110 decibels to be exact). He uses the music to bring in the Bliss-zoned Angels and uses the flamethrower to ‘make em dance’. He invites The Junior Deputy to join in on the fun.

The second the music starts (Burn Baby Burn, Disco Inferno by The Tramps), the Angles start heading for the trailer. Use whatever weapon you like and kill them. At some point, Sharky will have had enough and the deputy will be asked to shut down the music. Power switches will need to be turned off and are marked by waypoints. While turning them off ‘peggies’ will show up in a truck and join the ‘party’. Take them out and finish shutting down the music. Secure the area to finish the mission. Sharky will join the roster.

4. Sins of the Father

It starts at the Hope County Jail in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. Liberate the jail and complete Clean Water Act to unlock this mission. Talk to Virgil Minkler to start it. He suggests that The Junior Deputy to go to Jessop’s Conservatory and burn the fields of flowers, then kill the ex-pharmacist who helped create Bliss.

1:20 Liberate Jessop Conservatory (Undetected)
2:54 Burn the Bliss Fields
4:16 Eliminate Feeney


5. Salvation

It starts at the Hope County Jail in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. Talk with Sheriff Whitehorse to start the mission.

Sheriff Whitehorse has heard rumors about a place run by Faith’s followers that nobody comes back from. Anyone who won’t follow the teachings, ends up there. He wants Rook to check it out. After getting to the waypoint, secure the area by killing the cultists. Once they know the player is there, reinforcements will be called in.

Some of the cultists will be coming in boats. They will be armed with guns. A third boat will have a Bliss Priestess on it. Sheriff Whitehorse will call on the radio and let the deputy know to expect her. Take her out to end the mission.

6. Doctor's Orders

It takes place in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. This mission becomes available after liberating Mastodon Geothermal Park north of Moonflower Trailer Park. Talk to the doctor there to start the mission.

0:05 Save all the Hostages in Mastodon Geothermal Park & Talk to Doctor Charles Lindsey
2:13 Get the Doctor’s Bag
2:52 Secure the Area
4:03 Bring the bag to Dr. Charles Lindsey
5:12 Get undamaged Bear Skin
5:47 Get undamaged Pronghorn Skin
6:12 Reach Dr. Lindsey’s Lab 

7. Clinical Study

It takes place in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. This is the second mission for Dr. Charles Lindsey. It unlocks after completing Doctor’s Orders.

1:03 Pick up the test bait
1:11 Reach the farm
1:37 Kill only the cultists
2:27 Place the bait on the table
2:36 Reach the roof of the shack
3:29 Get Bliss oil
3:50 Get undamaged skunk skins
4:10 Get undamaged grizzly bear skins
6:10 Return to Dr. Charles Lindsey

8. Here Kitty, Kitty

It takes place at Peaches Taxidermy in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. Players can start the mission once the prologue is completed. Miss Mable will be seen walking about and fretting over her lost cougar Peaches. Talk with her to start the mission.

1:27 Reach the nearby camp to find Peaches & Eliminate the enemies
1:58 Lead Peaches back home with her treats
4:06 Secure Miss Mable’s home with Peaches’ help
4:47 Lure Peaches into her pen

9. Friendly Skies

It starts at the Drubman Marina in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. Talk to Adelaide Drubman after liberating the marina to begin the mission. The marina is north of Peaches Taxidermy at the lake’s edge. This is a mission to bring back the helicopter Tulip. To unlock the chopper, both Friendly Skies and Eco-Warriors will need to be completed.

0:05 Liberate Drubman Marina Undetected
2:45 Go to the hunting shack
3:58 Go to the fire tower
4:47 Go to the lookout
5:07 Locate Adelaid’s Chopper from the lookout point
5:41 Kill Tulip’s thieving pilot & take control of Adelaid’s Chopper
6:46 Return Tulip to the Marina
9:05 Secure the Marina
10:12 Land Tulip at the Marina

10. Eco-Warriors

It starts at the Drubman Marina in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. Talk to Xander after completing Friendly Skies. Completing both missions will unlock the helicopter Tulip.

1:09 Hack the laptop
2:25 Wait for the hacking to finish
4:11 Find the boat convoy
5:19 Follow the boat convoy
6:46 Destroy the Bliss Containers

11. False Prophets

It starts at the Hope County Jail in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. After liberating the jail, return and talk to Tracer. Players should find her guarding a wall outside. The mission takes place at Joseph’s Word – the location of the big statue.

1:36 Reach the Father statue
3:11 Destroy the Father statue
3:39 Enter the statue
4:23 Reach the top floor

12 & 13. The Lesson & Paradise Lost

‘The Lesson’ takes place in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River at the Hope County Jail. This mission unlocks after the player’s resistance bar is full. ‘Paradise Lost’ will start automatically after the previous mission is completed.

2:22 Go to the prison
3:28 Get inside the prison
4:32 Find Tracy & Secure the area
5:04 Talk to Tracey
5:34 Find the key
5:57 Free Tracy
7:26 Confront Faith
9:32 Kill Faith Seed

14. Walk the Path

It takes place in Faith Seed’s region of Henbane River. It unlocks after taking down Faith. It is the last mission on the road to liberating Faith’s region.

0:10 Enter Faith’s bunker
0:29 Find the Sheriff
1:17 Talk to the Sheriff
2:31 Stop the Bliss production
3:21 Shut down the central valves
6:22 Destroy the central pumps
8:13 Reach the silo
9:20 Escape the bunker

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