[FAR CRY 5] Holland Valley – Side Missions

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1. Patriot Acts

0:05 Talk to Willis Huntley & start the mission
0:58 Follow Willis to the Lincoln Lookout Tower
2:18 Secure the lookout tower
3:05 Regroup with Willis inside the lookout tower
3:19 Wait for Willis to Lure a VIP
4:01 Tail the Helicopter
4:39 Tail the VIP to his Safehouse
6:26 Secure the Safehouse
7:02 Find the VHS tape in the Bunker
7:23 Bring the VHS tape to Willis

2. Bear Necessities

You can get this side mission after liberating the Gardenview Packing Facility in Holland Valley (John’s region).

0:34 Reach the Orchard
0:46 Kill 3 Bears behind the Orchards

3. Uncrate

You can get this side mission after liberating US Auto in Holland Valley (John’s region).


4. Valley Armed Convoy

You have to destroy John’s trucks in north, west and east in the holland valley (John’s region). 

5. Exodus

0:05 Mission Location (Lamb of God Church)
0:45 Reach the location
1:18 Save the hostages
2:14 Escort the resistance

6. Free Larry

Deactivate the generators and free Larry in the Parker Laboratories in the Holland valley 

7. The Hero's Journey

This side mission is given by Larry.

1:28 Reach the Purpletop telecom tower
2:09 Destroy the satellite dishes
4:42 Fly with Larry
5:28 Secure the area

8. Close Encounters

To unlock this mission, complete The Hero’s Journey and talk to Larry again. Completing Close Encounters will unlock the Out Of This World side mission.

Larry need four glowing alien objects brought back to him. The first two are in a nearby field with crop circles in it. The first waypoint leads to a

glowing cow. Remove the green object, then head for the second waypoint. The next glowing object is in the center of the circle surrounded by turkeys. They will attack players once the object is removed.

The third object is close to some hay barrels, but a dog will grab it and run off. Follow it till it drops it, or just kill it. The last object is on top of a grain silo with a green roof. Eagles will be flying overhead and the object is in their nest. To get to it players will need to use the nearby water tanks. Climb up the ladder, then jump to the roof of the second tank. From there, jump to the silo, landing on a platform. Climb that ladder to the next level up, then look for ways to keep going up. Return the items to Larry.

9. Out of This World

It can be unlocked after completing the side mission Close Encounters. Talk to Larry again.

2:12 Override the electrical panel
2:29 Reroute electrical transformers
3:51 Talk to Larry
4:51 Power on the Generator

10. Water Works

It takes place in John Seed’s region of Holland Valley at the Sunrise Farm. Liberate the farm to unlock the mission. 

0:40 Retrieve the Irrigation pieces
1:31 Place the pieces to repair the irrigation system

11. Cow Punching

It takes place in John Seed’s region of Holland Valley at the Kellett Cattle Co. It can be unlocked after liberating the farm of cultists.

Move so that the cows are between the player and the cow pens on the farm. Throw rocks toward the cows to drive them back to their pens. Avoid bulls if possible as they will attack.

12. Testy Festy

To unlock this mission, players will need to liberate Fall’s End and talk to Casey Fixman in the kitchen.

1:17 Reach Hyde’s Barn
1:58 Talk to Kenny Hyde
2:30 Kill the Vultures
3:19 Loot the dead vultures to find the key
3:52 Enter Hyde’s Barn
4:11 Destroy the lock to open the barn door
4:23 Deliver the Testy Festy trailer to Casey

13. Prairie Oyester Harvest

This quest is unlocked by completing the side mission Testy Festy for Casey Fixman at the Spread Eagle and then talking to him again.

1:13 Reach Davenport Farm
1:33 Destroy the lock to free the cows
1:57 Kill a bull that is mating
2:32 Kill a bull with a tractor mulcher
2:42 Kill a bull with fire
3:22 Talk to Casey
4:41 Have a shot and shoot the targets

14. The Judge Moose

Players will unlock this mission after liberating the Green-Busch Fertilizer Co.

You will be tasked to kill the Judge Moose. This is no ordinary moose however. It has been driven completely inside from the intoxication of Bliss and is very dangerous.

15. Special Delivery

It takes place at Rye & Son’s Aviation. The quest giver is Kim Rye. Holland Valley will need to be liberated to unlock this mission.

Once the valley is liberated, Kim will call on the radio asking the player to stop by the house. After arriving, it is revealed that Kim is about to give birth and needs a ride to the hospital. This is a timed event with checkpoints along the way. As with other timed events, passing checkpoints will add a small amount of additional time. There is a very pregnant lady in the car, so take it easy and watch for obstacles including animals and hay bales. There are other diversions as well. Overall, a rather fun and not too difficult mission.

Clutch Nixon Stunt Races

16. Baptism of Fire

17. Spray & Pray

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