[FAR CRY 5] Holland Valley – Main Story Missions

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1. Man's Best Friend

Go to the Rae Rae’s Farm in Holland Valley and recruit the dog “Boomer” as your specialist companion.

2. The Cleansing

6:14 Secure the Checkpoint
7:12 Talk to Pastor Jerome
7:45 Find Merle
8:33 Liberate Merle
9:32 Survive Until Extraction
11:31 Enter the Helicopter with Merle
12:12 Stay with Merle until drop-off

3. Grace Under Fire

Defend the mausoleum in Lamb of God Church and recruit the specialist companion Grace Armstrong in the Holland Valley.

4. The Confession

Fiind deputy Hudson and escape the bunker in the Holland Valley (John’s Region).

6:51 Find Deputy Hudson
9:52 Escape the Bunker
10:34 Escape the Area

5. Death Wish

0:05 Liberate US Auto
1:31 Golden Valley Gas (Retrieve the Death Wish)
2:24 Bring the Death Wish to US Auto
3:02 Pick up Merle with the death wish
3:26 Drive Merle to the construction yard
4:45 Smash through the cult supplies
5:45 Eliminate all remaining enemies

6. Wingman

Recruit Nick Rye, the specialist companion in Holland Valley.

0:05 Rye & Sons Aviation (Mission Start)
2:01 Liberate Seed Ranch & Find Nick’s Plane
3:50 Drive the plane out of the hanger
3:56 Fly Nick’s plane
7:22 Destroy the Bliss Silo
7:33 Destroy the Bliss Containers
8:02 Destroy the Cult’s Plane
8:29 Fly to Nick’s Airstrip
11:08 Secure Nick’s House
12:14 Secure the Hanger

7. Good Samaritan

1:19 Reach the Woodson Pig Farm
1:52 Liberate the Resistance Members
3:01 Secure the Woodson pig Farm

8. The Widowmaker

This mission is available after Fall’s End is liberated. Talk to Mary May. Player reward includes the Widowmaker vehicle.

1:23 Reach the Grain elevator
2:16 Get inside the warehouse
3:50 Ram through roadblocksr
4:04 Ram through roadblocks
7:46 Return the Widowmaker
8:49 Park the widowmaker

9. Air Raid

This Mission takes place at the Rye & Sons Aviation in John Seed’s region of Holland Valley. Players will first need to complete the Wingman story mission. Kim and Nick are the quest givers.

0:30 Destroy the Cult Fuel Pump
1:00 Destroy the Convoys
4:52 Destroy the Helicopters
6:28 Destroy the chosen Airplane

10. Razing the Stakes

This mission starts at Kupka’s Ranch in the eastern side of John Seed’s region of Holland Valley. This is the first of two missions given by Zip Kupka.

1:16 Follow Zip
2:17 Follow Zip to the Flatiron Stockyards
3:02 Kill all the drugged animals
4:19 Cover Zip while he plants an explosive
5:03 Secure the stockyards

11. Blow Their Mine

This mission takes place at the Catamount Mines inside John Seed’s region of Holland Valley. Zip Kupka is the quest giver. Complete his first mission Razing the Steaks and he will immediately give players this new one.

1:40 Reach the Catamount Mines
2:23 Rig the 4 Gold Crates with Explosives
3:29 Prevent the cultists from defusing the bomb
7:33 Reach the safe spot

12 & 13. Atonement & Wrath

‘Atonement’ takes place in Holland Valley. Once the player reaches the maximum resistance points for the region, they will be invited to meet John at Fall’s End where he is currently holding the deputy’s friends as hostages. Next mission ‘Wrath’ will start automatically after this mission.

0:05 Reach Fall’s End & meet John Seed
5:06 Secure the Church
5:37 enter the truck’s turret
5:55 Ride to John Seed’s ranch
8:20 Enter a plane
8:54 Destroy John’s Plane
11:40 Get the bunker key from John

14. The Quality of Mercy

This is the final mission to liberate the valley.

0:05 Reach John Seed’s Bunker & use his key
0:54 Enter John Seed’s Bunker
1:50 Find Deputy Hudson
5:28 Follow Deputy Hudson
6:20 Liberate the Prisoners
7:01 Find the control room
7:37 Destroy the consoles
8:01 Climb the Silo
9:26 Destroy the bliss containers
9:56 Escape the bunker
10:05 Open the hatch
10:39 Survive until extraction

15. Jumping Ship

The quest giver is Pastor Jerome Jefferies. This mission unlocks once Holland Valley is liberated.

1:03 Reach the silver lake trailer park
1:37 secure the silver lake trailer park
2:32 Meet the resistance leader
2:44 Protect the defector
4:01 Carry the defector to the back of the boat
5:29 Exit the boat and secure the area

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