Far Cry 6: All Rooster Locations for the cockfighting minigame | Recrooster Trophy/ Achievement

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The Roosters are a type of Collectible in Far Cry 6. Roosters can be used in the cockfighting ring in Montero Farm, the main camp in Madrugada region. There are 19 Rooster Locations, but only the 13 collectible ones are required for the Recrooster trophy or achievement. 6 Roosters are rewards from Ubisoft Connect (online) that aren’t needed for the trophy.

None of the Roosters are missable. Two of the Roosters are tied to Side Quests (Yaran Stories), but the others can be found at any time in the open world.

You can still find all of them after the story in free-roam. You can keep track of which ones you’ve found under Collection > Roosters. Two of the Roosters are tied to Side Quests (Yaran Stories). Roosters get marked on the minimap (HUD) by a white crate icon when you get close to them: They are all inside wooden crates with a rooster icon on them.

Madrugada (West Region)

#1 Rooster: El Rato
Rooster is in a cage next to the Cockfighting arena at Montero Farm. Speak with Cockfighting near the arena, he will tell you to pick the rooster from the nearby cage.

#2 Rooster: El Dorado
This is part of “Spur of the Moment” (Yaran Stories). Speak with Elvis Carballo in the Montero Farm to accept the quest. This quest will take you to an underground bunker where you will find the Rooster.

#3 Rooster: Acero
Rooster is near a thatched-roof shack on the eastern outskirts of Verdera. You can see the wooden crates with a rooster outside a hut with a metal roof.

#4 Rooster: El Águila
Search along a mogote cliffside near the Cortina River in Serpentine Park. The exact location of the northwest crocodile hunting location is shown in the image.

Valle De Oro (Central Region)

#5 Rooster: Papacito
The wooden crate with the rooster symbol is under a thatched-roof chicken coop in Castilo National Zoo.

#6 Rooster: El Pico
Search a chicken farm south of the Botanical Gardens of Yara. The wooden crate with the rooster symbol is near a hut with a blue-colored wall.

#7 Rooster: El Fénix
Search under a covered stable in a gated community west of Muerte Point. The gate to the stable is near the stairs of the big house.

#8 Rooster: La Muerta Negra
Search the ranch pens on the western outskirts of Segunda

El Este (East Region)

#9 Rooster: El Huevo
Search the cliffside Local La Joya PDP Offices in Mirador Cape. Use the Grapple point to reach the rooftop and then drop inside the building through the opening on the roof.

#10 Rooster: El Gallo Magnifico
This is part of “Everything to Lose” (Yaran Stories). Speak with Petra Toca to accept the quest.

#11 Rooster: Hermoso
Search the Chicken coop at Bonilla Farm in western Savanna Fields

#12 Rooster: La Bala De Plata
Find under the watchful eye of Reinaldo at Álvarez Farm on the Vacía Coast. A rooster crate is placed on the back of a wooden trailer.

Esperanza (North Region)

#13 Rooster: La Bestia Blanca
Rooster carte is inside the house that is part of Treasure Hunt “The Last One to Leave“. You will enter this house during the Treasure Hunt to flick the switch.

Ubisoft Connect Rewards (Online)

#14-19 Rooster: Collect through Ubisoft Connect rewards. This requires you to link a Ubisoft Account and to play online. These are NOT needed for the Recrooster trophy/achievement.

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