Feeco Depot Secret Area Locations Guide: Oddworld Soulstorm

Oddworld Soulstorm Funicular Secret Area Locations

Secret Area #1

You can find the first secret area in the initial part of the game. In the starting, you need to head in the left direction. At the first drop, you will find the secret area.

Secret Area #2

The gate to the Secret Area is at the starting point only. Here you need to find ‘Door Release Switch’ to open the gate.

After the first secret area, continue moving on the same path. You will find the switch at the end after the ‘Bird portal’.

Secret Area #3

From the starting point of the chapter, you need to go toward the right side. Enter into the gate at the end to reach a new area. At the beginning of the new Area, you need to blast the platform and drop down to find the third Secret Area. (see image)

How To Call the Delivery Car 

Secret Area #4

From the previous location, continue your journey. In the end, you need to call a delivery car. The delivery cart is held by a slig standing on the upper deck. You can use a bouncy candy to neutralize him. Use the delivery card to reach the other side. (see image) The Secret Area is on the right side.

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