Fields: All Flower Shrine Locations | Kena: Bridge of Spirits Collectibles Guide

There are a total of 7 Flower Shrines in the ‘Fields’ area of ‘Kena: Bridge of Spirits’. This article shows how to get these 7 Flower Shrines.

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Flower Shrine 1/7

You will find a tear at the location marked below. Shoot the mechanism near the tear and it will throw water on the tear. This will make the plant grow. Summon Forest Tear from the plant and guide it to the Flower Shrine location as shown below and cleanse the shrine.

Flower Shrine 2/7

This flower shrine is just south of the tear near the tower entrance.

Flower Shrine 3/7

Go to the underground cave through the spiral stairs at the location shown below. In the cave, you will come across a broken bridge with a forest tear on one side of the bridge and the flower shrine on the other. Throw a bomb on the bridge to repair it. Then summon the forest tear and guide it through the bridge to the flower shrine as shown below.

Flower Shrine 4/7

The flower shrine is at the location marked below. Forest tear is south of the flower shrine, inside a broken house near a small pumpkin field as marked below.

Flower Shrine 5/7

The flower shrine is near the wood bridge leading to Rufus Barn. Summon tear from the plant highlighted below then guide it through the wooden bridge to reach the shrine and cleanse it.

Flower Shrine 6/7

The Flower Shrine is at the location shown below. Next to the shrine is a tear. To grow the tear plant you will need water. Go inside the house containing water as shown below. Enter the house containing the water by grappling to the blue flower (see the second picture below). Inside the house, you will find a bucket of water. Tilt the bucket to drop the water. Then open the door and guide the water drop outside to the tear. This will make the plant grow. Summon forest tear from the plant and use it to cleanse the forest shrine as shown in the third picture below.

Flower Shrine 7/7

This Flower Shrine is near the forge area as shown below. Go inside the building south of the shrine. Shoot the blue crystal and it will drop water on the tear there. The tear plant will grow. Then summon the tear and use it to cleanse the shrine.

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