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There are a total of 10 Hats in the ‘Fields’ area of ‘Kena: Bridge of Spirits’. This article shows how to get these 10 Hats.

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Hat 1/10 (Pancake)

The hat is inside a chest at the backside of the house highlighted below.

Hat 2/10 (Egg)

To get this hat you need to guide three owl statues to the top of the pedestals as shown in the picture below. Statue 1 is in the small farmland right behind the pedestals. Statue 2 is inside a small hut opposite the pedestals. Statue 3 is behind some bombable rocks northeast of the pedestals.

Hat 3/10 (Cowboy)

Interact with the cursed chest at the highlighted location. Then defeat 8 enemies to complete the challenge and get the hat.

Hat 4/10 (Sun)

You will get this hat on finding the hat cart as shown below.

Hat 5/10 (Pumpkin)

There is a hat and a rot is in the little farmland as shown below. South of the farmland is a small broken house with a tear inside it. Water the tear with a bucket placed nearby. This will make a plant sprout. Summon tear from the plant and use it to water the farmland. Pumpkins will grow as you water the farmland. the rot is inside one of the pumpkins. You will also get a Pumpkin hat along with the rot.

Hat 6/10 (Ox)

The hat is inside a chest in the house shown below.

Hat 7/10 (Halo)

The hat is in the forge area. Zip to the upper level using the flower as shown below. Open the chest there to get the hat.

Hat 8/10 (Autumn)

This hat is near the ancient well. At the highlighted location you will find a few bombable platforms as shown in the second picture below. Bomb the platforms to levitate them.

You will find a switch and a flower on the levitated platforms as shown below. Don’t Shoot the switch as you will need the platform in the position as shown below to reach the hat location. Use the flower to go to the top of the platform.

Go to the end of the platform and you will see few bombable rocks down on the ground. Bomb them to make them float and form platforms as shown below. Jump through the floating platforms to reach the other side. You will find a chest there with a hat inside.

Hat 9/10 (Sunflower)

Move the rock and the location shown below. You will find the hat inside a chest behind the rock.

Hat 10/10 (Adira’s Mask)

You will get this hat automatically after defeating the main boss of the area (Corrupted Woodsmith).

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