Fin of Watatsumi | The Moon-Bathed Deep World Quest | Genshin Impact 2.1

Fin of Watatsumi is part of The Moon-Bathed Deep subquest in Genshin Impact 2.1. There are multiple sub-quests in the Moon-Bathed Deep World Quests. These multiple sub-quests tell about the mythology of Watatsumi island and its people’s origins. This walkthrough demonstrates how to complete the Fin of Watatsumi to collect Spirit Pearl.

Fin of Watatsumi

To get all the subquest you’ll need to speak with Tsuyoko, the Shrine Maiden of the Sangonomiya Shrine. First, teleport to the Statue of the Seven on Watatsumi Island and head up the hill to the West. You’ll see a ruined building and Tsuyoko standing off to the right. Speak with Tsuyoko to learn that Watatsumi Island is turning into a desert. To save the Watatsumi Island a sacred ritual needs to be done between the Sangonomiya and Enkanomiya. 

The first part of this quest is to open the path to Enkanomiya, to do this you need to break the five seals on Watatsumi Island. You will automatically get four quests for the Eye, Fang, Fin, and Tail of Watatsumi after speaking with Tsuyoko. On completing these four quests you will get access to the Heart of Watatsumi sub-quest.

Fin of Watatsumi

The fin of Watatsumi is part of ‘The Moon-Bathed Deep’ World Quest Series. As you start the subquest ‘Fin of Watatsumi’, your first goal will be to go to the north island Watatsumi group of Island. I have marked the location of the island on the map.

Go to the “Fin”

Head to the island as marked on the map to break a seal (out of five) to enter Enkanomiya. Walk uphill to reach the sealed shrine. Besides the shrine, you’ll find a stone statue with the following message:

Read the stone tablet at the “Fang”

Besides the shrine, you’ll find a stone statue with the following message:

For the retainers of other lands shall come from abroad. The two greet each other like scale and fin, like thigh and bone, ever-connected, aiding in our great Omikami’s rule…

Break the “Fin” Seal

Here Paimon will suggest pairing statues of the fish so that they face each other. To break the seal, orient the fish statues such that there is a blue line of the circle below. Activate the pillars to allow the fish statues to start rotating. Once the 3 fish statues are in position, interact with the Mysterious Pillars and then go to the other side and do the same. The fish on both discs do not need to be simultaneously aligned to activate them

Obtain the Spirit Pearl

After aligned fishes and interacting with mysterious pillars on both discs, head back to the sealed shrine of the island to collect Spirit Pearl

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