Find Dimitrescu’s Chambers: Resident Evil 8 Village (How to Guide)

How to Find Dimitrescu’s Chambers | Resident Evil 8 Village

Head on to the second floor via the ‘Main Hall’ stairs and go toward the right side. At the end of the corridor, use the marron eye gemstone to open a door. This unlocks a new area leading up to the ‘Dressing Room‘.

From here you have to follow the linear path only to find Dimitrescu’s Chambers.

  • At the door, you will encounter one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. Find your way out through the ‘Dressing Room’ to reach the basement.
  • From the basement, find your way to the ‘Tasting Room‘ by crawling through the tunnel. Enter the room once Lady Dimitrescu left the room.

Castle Dungeon Brazier

  • Reach ‘Hall of War‘ from the ‘Tasting Room‘. Here you have to swing the Brazier to light two torches. This will open a dungeon. Follow the linear path and take the stairs.
  • Upstairs you will find one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. Initially, you can’t fight with her as bullets will cause no damage to her. Find your way through the stairs again to reach the end and interact with the wooden plank.
  • A cut scene starts here in which a glass window gets shattered by your bullet. From here you can fight with Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters as the cold breeze expose her. After defeating her follow the hall into the Kitchen and grab Sanguis Virginis bottle out of the tub.
  • From Kitchen continue the journey into In the next hallway that takes you to the ‘Dining Hall‘. You can unlock the right-side door to reach ‘Main Hall. The second door (to the courtyard) on the left is locked.
  • Head to the ‘Wine Hall’ on the second floor. Place the bottle of Sanguis Virginis in the silver holder in the alcove. That will open a door to a secret room. You can collect Courtyard Key from the chest inside the secret room.
  • Use the Courtyard Key to the unlocked door of ‘Dining Hall’ and enter the Courtyard. Head through the doors in the southeast corner of the courtyard. 
  • Take the stairs and follow the hallway to find the Castle Map (Main), This will fill in the rest of your map. Go through the door in the “Hall of Ablution”.


In this room, you need to rotate the 3 statues out of 4 to proceed.

  • Turn the statues of the two women on the right.
  • Turn the statue of the three men to face the man on horseback.

This will drain the pool, and open the door. Take the stairs and ladder down to reach the basement.


Follow the linear route through the blood-filled dungeon to the other side. At the end step onto the platform in the southeast corner and pull the rope to travel up to the Terrace.


Follow the balcony to find Dimitrescu’s Chambers. After the cutscene, you can enter the chamber via the balcony door.

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