Find Dr. Reed’s lab in Dead Island 2 | The Search For Truth Quest

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to complete the objective “Find Dr. Reed’s lab” in the quest The Search For Truth in Dead Island 2.

As you arrived at Ocean Avenue you’re tasked with finding Dr. Reed’s lab. The game just gives a surveillance camera image of where the lab is instead of pointing you right to an objective.

You’ll find Dr. Reed’s Lab in the area marked on the map below. it’s a garage with a white van outside. You’ll soon find that the door leading deeper into the Lab is locked using a maglock.

How to disable the maglock in Dr. Reed’s Lab

The maglock in Dr. Reed’s Lab consists of three separate fuse boxes that we have to find and destroy. These fuse boxes are in the small garage only. You can reach each of the fuse boxes by following three wires coming out of the box above the door.

The first fuse box is inside a small office in the garage.

The second fuse is hidden behind some destroyable boxes on the left side.

The last fuse is near the garage door.

Destroy all three boxes and go inside to find the Lab.

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