Find the Artificial Island Developer’s Logs in Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows how to complete the side mission “Find the Artificial Island Developer’s Logs” in the game Tower of Fantasy.

#1 Developer Logs

Get off the aircraft at Base Zero and head straight towards the blue triangle. Pass through it and when you land on the ground is the first Developer log.

#2 Developer Logs

Get off the aircraft at Base Zero. Go down the stairs and head to the right. You will find the developer log at the base of the tree.

#3 Developer Logs

Head to the rusty Iron camp and Jump on top of the spaceship to find the third log.

#4 Developer Logs

Head to the area to the right of the Mine base to find a breakable rock. You will find a red teleporter on breaking it. Use this to teleport to the station.

Defeat all the enemies at the station. Look for the fourth log on the northern side of the tower.

#5 Developer Logs

Head to the northwest of the aircraft until you come across a spacerift. Continue going past it along the road. The fifth log is lying on the ground at a road intersection. 

#6 Developer Logs

Head north from the previous location. Climb up the metal stairs to find a blue energy barrier blocking your access.

Head to the right onto the platform below. In the end, you will find some wooden boxes. The sixth log is in between these boxes.

#7 Developer Logs

Located east of Puddled Lake. Head to the area to find three pillars.

As you’re facing those giant pillars, to the left of those pillars, you’ll see grey rocks. The Dev log behind that grey rocks.

#8 Developer Logs

Go to the left of Eyrie to find a camp. Climb the ramp and see a pod on your left. Break the small wooden box to find the log.

#9 Developer Logs

Head to the west from Base Zero. You will find a platform with a sign “Area 5”. The developer Log is on the signpost.

#10 Developer Logs

Head to the Mine base. At the base look for an old rusty truck. The last log is on the floor near the truck.

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