Find the Daedalian key in the Astronomy Tower | Hogwarts Legacy

This walkthrough will guide you through the objective “Find the Daedalian key in the Astronomy Tower” of the side quest The Daedalian Keys in the game Hogwarts Legacy. As you stroll around the castle grounds, you may come across several locked cabinets that have no way of being opened. You need Daedalian Keys to open these locked cabinets

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Find the Daedalian key in the Astronomy Tower

You can find the Daedalian key one floor above the Floo Flame fast travel point of the Astronomy Tower. At the Astronomy Tower make your way up the first set of stairs. You will notice a key with wings. When you come near the key, it will fly down the stairs past you.

Find the Daedalian key’s cabinet

Keep following the key into the Astronomy Classroom. The Classroom is to the left of the fast travel point. Enter the Astronomy Classroom and look for the key near a cabinet on the left side of the room.

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