Find the other half of Mead Stein | God of War Ragnarok

Where to find the other half of Mead Stein

This guide shows how to complete the Find the other half of Mead Stain objective in the Casualty of War: The Stein Favour/ Side Quest in God of War Ragnarok.

Note: To complete the quest, you must first complete Return of the River favor, which will flood the crater with water.

After completing the Return of the River favor and flooding the crater, get down the elevator and row the boat towards the east. Soon you will see a beach on the right side. Don’t stop there. Instead, turn left and go north to reach the Jungle Entrance. From the dock at the Jungle Entrance, hop on the boat and take the tunnel going north. Soon you will reach a small island with a rift on it. Go west from the island with the rift as shown in the pictures below. Keep rowing west to reach the western dock in The Plains. Get down the boat and proceed ahead. As you jump down the ledge, you will be attacked by a Dreki, starting In the Dead of Night Favor. Slay the Dreki to complete the quest.

It is in the same location as the Dreki dragon hunt, you will find the second half of the mead stain as shown in the pictures below.

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