Find the Purifying Crystal: Resident Evil 8 Village Shadows of Rose

This guide will show you where to “Find the Purifying Crystal” in the game Resident Evil 8 Village DLC Expansion, Shadows of Rose which is released on 28 October 2022.

Find the Cell Key

As you begin the DLC expansion, exit the lab and continue the corridor until you come upon a locked cell with someone inside asking for help. To open the cell, your initial objective is to search for the key of the cell.

Go downstairs to the left to find a chamber with barrels, books, and a chandelier. Continue around the room until you uncover Rose’s name written in blood on a box. Go through the only available exit on the right. 

You will find the cell key hanging on a shelf near a table with a lantern (gas lamp).

Unlock the cell, and meet your clone. 

Find the Switch Handle

After unlocking the cell you will meet your clone. Start following the clone wherever she is going, to arrive at a larger room with more cells and more clones. In this room, you will get a new objective “Find the switch handle” to exit the room.

Head inside the only unlocked cell on the left side of the room and crouch to enter another room.

Crouch again and follow the path until you reach a small room with a “Switch Handle”. Pick the “Switch Handle”, and take the door on your left to make your way back to the room with cells.

Upon returning, you’ll be met with a new enemy known as Face Eaters. Equip the switch handle as soon as possible and the gate will begin to open slowly. Continue running in circles until the gate opens for you to escape.

Explore your surroundings

Save your game using the adjacent typewriter and leave via the brown door next to it. Take the First Aid Med from the cabinets in the next corridor.

Continue down the corridor until you reach the main hall. A voice from afar calls out to you. Turn left and approach the door to trigger a cutscene.

Escape the monsters

After the cutscene, you need to escape. Run downstairs and through the exit to the left of the room. You’ll soon arrive at the castle’s exit, but it’ll be quickly closed off.

Run back inside to trigger another cutscene. Kill the Face Eater that emerges after you have access to a handgun and get the handgun ammo from the drawers.

Return to the corridor you just came from and turn left into the main hall. The Purifying Crystal is in a lantern hanging from The Disciples Statue.

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