Find the remaining treasures based on the storybook’s table of contents | Honkai: Star Rail

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to complete the objectives “Find the remaining treasures based on the storybook’s table of contents” of Side Quest “The Adventurous Moles” in the game Honkai: Star Rail.

After finding treasure chest #1, head back to Julien and complete a dialogue with him. He will assign you a task to search for the remaining three treasures.

2) Treasure

The second treasure is located in Backwater Pass, situated in Jarilo-VI. You will find the next set of pages resting on a bench at this location.

Then, look around the area with chairs and tables with snow. Move towards the table and select the “Lift up the seat” option, followed by clicking on “Lay it flat on the ground” to obtain access to the chest.

3) Treasure

To obtain this treasure, go to. the cave to the northwest of Rivet Town in Jarilo-VI. Upon entering the cave, retrieve the note situated on the right-hand side.

Next, acquire the box from the top shelf on the left and relocate it to the middle shelf on the right to unlock the chest.

4) Treasure

Proceed towards the eastern region of the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and extract the file from the wall located on the right-hand side.

Next, you will come across three guns that need to be positioned on the gun racks within the area. Once you have successfully placed all three guns, the treasure will be unlocked and available for you to claim.

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