Find Zenobia’s Gobstones | Gobs of Gobstones Side Quest

This article will guide you to find all the Gobstones of the side quest Flying off the Shelves in the game Hogwarts Legacy. The quest is about a young student named Zenobia, who has lost her Gobstones thanks to a cruel prank by her classmates.

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All 6 Gobs of Gobstones Location

These six Gobstones are spread over the various castle wings in Hogwarts. The best way to track the Gobstones is to use the Charmed Compass.

1) Gobtsone (Transfiguration Courtyard)

The first Gobstone can be found right outside in the courtyard close to where players originally spoke with Zenobia to begin the quest. Go downstairs and into the courtyard to find the Gobstone. Just look around, and up the outdoor hallway.

Gobtsone (Divination Classroom)

The quest marker should lead players up a set of stairs to the Divination Classroom. The second Gobstone is located on the chandelier that hangs above the staircase. Use Accio to get the Gobstone off the chandelier.

3) Gobtsone (Divination Classroom)

Go down the stairs and through the door close to the Fast Travel point from the second Gobstone. The third Gobstone may be located on a wooden beam on the other side of the railing.

4) Gobtsone (Ravenclaw Tower)

The fourth Gobstone is right where you enter the Ravenclaw Tower. Look up at the third pillar on the right to locate the Gobstone.

5 ) Gobtsone (Grand Staircase Tower)

head to the Grand Staircase and go all the way up to the trophy room. The fifth Gobstone is in front of the Trophy Room.

6) Gobtsone (Grand Staircase Tower)

The last Gobtstone is inside the Trophy Room. The Gobstone can be found on a shelf surrounded by other trophies on the far side of the room.

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