Finding the House with the Red Chimney Resident Evil 8 Village

As you enter the village for the second time you’ll talk to the merchant at the Duke’s Emporium. He tells you to search a house with a red chimney on the western side of the village. This is part of the main story.

How to find the house with the red chimney in Resident Evil Village

    • Use the Winged Key to exit the Altar and then shoot the next lock to reach the Maiden of War. 
    • From Maiden of War’s square, enter into the house through the open gate and stairs. Go to the backyard by unlocking the back door.
    • Now enter another house on the right and exit it by moving the shelf.

Village Workshop Safe Code

    • Take left from the blue tractor and enter the workshop area, gate with the sign “DO NOT ENTER”. Unlock the safe using code 070408. Inside the locker are a jack handle and an M1911 pistol.
    • Return back to the blue tractor through the same path and use a jack handle to lift the tractor. Crawl under the tractor to reach the other side.
    • Continue your journey down that alleyway and then take a left. You will find an iron gate that accepts the Iron Insignia key
    • Climb the ladder to reach the rooftop and jump down next to the house with the red chimney. 
    • Use the ladder to enter the house with a red chimney.

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