Follow the paper-trail to Dante’s Meet-up Point in Dead Island 2

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to complete the objective “Follow the paper-trail to Dante’s Meet-up Point in Lost & Found Weapon Quest “Fool’s Gold ” in Dead Island 2. Defeat Crusher Danteto and collect Journal: A Totally Legit Letter to begin the quest. He won’t appear on the first visit, but you can come back after finishing the main story and find him near The Pier Lifeguard HQ.

Ransack Randy’s Locker

Obtain Journal: Deep Shit by interacting with the locker on the left. It is located at the end of the building near some workout equipment in the same area.

Follow the paper-trail to Dante’s Meet-up Point

Go to the southeast corner of the pier to find a small bench near the water. Pick up the Journal: Meeting of the Minds from it.

Find Randy’s Burner Phone

To find the third and final journal, go to the northwest corner of the map and look for an alley next to some restaurants with trash on the ground. Pick up Journal: Flaws in the Plan from the trash.

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