How to “Follow their Traces” | The First Descendent

The First Descendent: Follow their Traces

This guide shows how to complete the Follow their Traces quest in The First Descendent, released on 2nd July 2024. This is a special storyline quest that is only available for Bunny.

Quest Description: Find records related to her parents in the Restricted Zone of the Sterile Land. Faint signals are coming from the cliff close to the facility, near the High Powered Jammer in the Restricted Zone.

Follow their Traces

To complete the quest, go to the Restricted Zone in the Sterile Land. The restricted zone will be unlocked after you have completed a couple of quests in the Sterile Land. The record can be found on the cliffside in the southern tip of Sterile Land as shown in the picture below. I will show the path starting from the outpost in the Restricted Zone as shown below.

From the spawn point, go south to the structure as shown in the picture below. Then continue south till you reach the cliffside.

Jump to the cliff and you will find the record a little bit below on the cliffside. The location of the record has been shown in the pictures below. Collect and listen to the record to complete the quest.

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