Ford’s Follicles: All Collectibles Locations | Psychonauts 2 Collectibles Guide & Walkthrough

There are five types of collectibles in Ford’s Follicles mental level. The types of collectibles are Figments, Emotional Baggage, Memory Vaults, Half-A-Minds, and Nuggets of Wisdom. This article shows the location of all the collectibles and how to get them.

Ford’s Follicles Emotional Baggage (1)

Emotional Baggage is collectibles in Psychonauts 2 that can be found in the Mental Levels. These are the person’s emotional baggage, which is represented as various types of bags, all of which cry relentlessly. For each baggage, you will find a matching tag. Reunite the tag with its corresponding bag to resolve an emotional issue.

Steamer Trunk

The Steamer Trunk Tag can be found where you first encounter pompadour-ed Censors. As shown in the image, it is floating on a small step.

Baggage is after the courtyard with the statue. Defeat the censors and proceed to the next platform, where you will find a Steamer Trunk near a bottle.

Ford’s Follicles Memory Vault (1)

Memory Vaults are a type of collectible item in Psychonauts 2. It has the shape of a cute little pig-like safe. Each mind has two or fewer Memory Vaults running around. You can attack Memory Vaults with a melee attack only to reveal a slideshow with a backstory on the character whose mind you are currently inside.

Ford’s Follicles Memory Vault 1/1

Continue on after fighting few Censors for the first time to reach a new area. The Memory Vault is available near just before few more Censors respawn again. It is sitting in front of a pamphlet that read “War Going On?”

Ford’s Follicles Nuggets of Wisdom (1)

Nugget of Wisdom are collectibles that you will find in the Mental Worlds. They give you Intern Credits, which allows you to upgrade your Psychic Powers.

Ford’s Follicles: Nugget of Wisdom 1/1

After entering Ford’s Follicles walk a little and you will find a red switch in front of you as shown in the picture below. Hit the switch with PSI blast to create an updraft. Use the updraft to jump to the other side and get the Nugget of Wisdom there.

Ford’s Follicles Half-A-Minds (1)

Half-A-Minds are collectibles that you will find in the Mental Worlds. Collecting 2 of these will help you increase your mental health pool by 1 brain.

Ford’s Follicles: Half-A-Mind 1/1

After fighting a few Censors for the first time, continue moving forward. Shortly before you reach an area with few more Censors, you will pass through a room with a poster that read “War Going On?”. In front of the room, there is a Memory Vault. You will find the Half-A-Mind on a platform on the right side of the poster as shown in the picture below.

Ford’s Follicles Figments (43)

There are a total of 43 Figments on this level. Check the below video to see their locations.

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