Fort Quito: How to get Yaran Contraband | Locked Door Key & Chest | Du or Die | Far Cry 6

  • Post published:October 8, 2021
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This article shows how to get the Yaran Contraband chest in Fort Quito in Isla Santuario. Opening the chest gives you ‘The Autocrat’ unique pistol, which is a very good early game weapon.

How to Get Fort Quito Yaran Contraband

You will reach Fort Quito early in the game during the ‘Du or Die’ main operation to steal the depleted uranium. Yaran Contraband chest is in the basement of Fort Quito. You can reach the basement easily through an underwater cave entrance on the north side of the fort as shown below.

Jump into the water and swim through the tunnel to reach the basement. In the basement, the Yaran Contraband chest is behind a locked door as shown below.

There is no key for this locked door in the game. You can enter the room by destroying the wooden panel on one side of the cage as shown below.

Breaking the wooden panel will reveal a hole in the cage. Crouch and enter the cage. Open the Yaran Contraband chest inside to get ‘The Autocrat’ unique pistol.

Video Walkthrough

You can reach the Fort Quito basement through another route from inside the fort. Check the video below to see how to reach the basement and get the Yaran Contraband chest.

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