All Four Powers Locations: Voyager Thruster | Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows all the 4 locations of the Four Powers in the Tower of Fantasy game. The Four Powers drops a very rare item called Voyager Thruster, which is used to unlock Voyager Vehicle.

Four Powers Locations

Four Powers drop Voyager Thruster. The drop rate of Voyager Thruster is very low (<1%) and you might need to fight Four Powers hundreds of times before you get it. There are 4 locations where you can find The Four Powers. You can fight the Four Powers at all these four locations without any daily limit. All the four locations where you can find the Four Powers are shown with red circles on the map below.
Location 1: Four Power Okka
Location 2: Four Power Smoli
Location 3: Four Power Hethlu
Location 4: Four Power Sendyrs

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