Fox Hunt | Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC (Main Mission Guide)

Bloodline is the first major story expansion of the 2020 videogame, Watch Dogs Legion. You’ll play as Aiden Pearce (protagonist of the first Watch Dogs) and Wrench (from WD2), who’ll team up in this new storyline set up before the events of the main game. Each character is playable in the campaign and in online mode as well. Multiple optional side-quests have also been added in the Bloodline DLC for both Aiden Pearce and Wrench.

Main Mission 8: Fox Hunt

You’ll have to play this mission as Wrench. This walkthrough will guide you through all the objectives of Fox Hunt.

Objective: Talk to Connie

Your goal is to get information about places where you can get medical supplies for Aiden. Connie Robinson knows a few locations. You can find Connie Robinson inside The Carls’ Fortune pub located in the central part of the ‘City of Westminster’ District. Interact with her to get coordinates of the medical supplies locations.

Objective: Reach Thorne’s Felts

Your next objective is to steal Vital Sign Monitor (tablet) from Thorne’s Felts without getting into a fight. Thorne’s Felts is located in the City of Westminster District. The hostile area is heavily armed.

You can summon Sergei Drone and enter the building from the roof (third floor). Neutralize the security guard on the roof with a melee attack and head inside the building. 

Use the ladder at the left end of the hall to climb down to the second floor. Vital Sign Monitor is inside a secure room on the second floor. You need the key to unlock the secure room. The Key can be downloaded from a tablet placed on a table near the western side of the second floor. I have marked the location of the secure room and well as the downloadable key.

You can download the key via the nearby hackable camera. Once the key is downloaded successfully, unlock the secure room and collect the Vital Sign Monitor from inside. Finally, escape the hostile area.

Objective: Reach Rotherhithe Docks

Your next objective is to steal the drugs from Rotherhithe Docks. Rotherhithe Docks is located in the eastern area of Southwark district. The Drug Parcel is inside the building on the first floor. Enter the building through the shutter gate on the east side. Neutralize the enemies guarding the Drug Parcel. 

Objective: Use the Cargo Drone to steal the Drug crate

Here you are planning to steal the whole drug crate. Summon the Sergei drone and fly it over the medical crate to attach it. Climb onto Wrench’s drone and hijack it to ride it. Now open the big gate on the northern side of the building and escape the hostile area with the cargo. Deliver the medical cargo at the marked location.

Objective: Reach St. Thomas Hospital

Head to the St. Thomas Hospital located in the western part of Lambeth District. Your next aim is to access the hospital database from the ctOS server. ctOS server is located on the roof of the hospital. You can use Wrench’s drone to reach the roof. While you’re on the drone, send the multidrone to hack the ctOS server.

Next, hack one of the security cameras and then hack into the bed alarm and download Medical data from a nearby Doctor. Finally, head back to Brixton Barrier Block located on the southern side of Lambeth and speak with Jackson. Once the conversation over exit room (safehouse) to end the mission.

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